Assortment Of Hardware

Shicheng Zhou, confirmed what lies behind EVE Echoes Items is far more than just another portable tie in with a new skin. “We learned a lot from CCP games. The staff in CCP shared a lot of information, even sharing information on the server side of EVE Online. This enabled us to take thoughts and optimize the design of EVE Echoes for the mobile platform. There are similarities in the way that the two games support players out in space but mobile also comes with its own challenges.”

Zhou possibly even underplays the battle that NetEase and CCP took on with this mobile port. Until now, getting games like Old School Runescape onto a mobile platform was considered something of a technical marvel. The mobile space includes a massive assortment of hardware, users that are on the move, connections that might simply drop off without warning, and many other limitations that CCP has not had to conquer their time. Yet, the team believe that they’ve got this covered.

“There are many challenges to bring that huge combat from the PC to mobile but we expect we can reach the exact same technical heights that EVE Online already has achieved”The on-the-go server changes aren’t the only thing that EVE Echoes has changed up for gamers coming into New Eden onto a small display. The team in Netease has spent a large amount of time modifying the in game UI, streamlining it and making certain new players can get to grip with their ships without a need for a mouse at sight.

That really isn’t the adjustments that I got excited , however. Players who watched that a recent EVE Echoes Stream will have caught a glimpse of the Yan Jung, an old race that’s coming back to Buy EVE Echoes ISK.

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