disposable cleanroom garments or reusable cleanroom garments, which is best?

I have been researching different options of cleanroom garments, specifically disposable cleanroom garments versus reusable cleanroom garments. I’m posting this question about cleanroom garments to get some outside opinions on the general usage and best practices.

I would be interested in getting some information on cleanroom garments for the pharmaceutical, biotech and semiconductor industries.

If anyone has experience in acquiring cleanroom garments for any of these industries I am interested in suggestions. Also any tips on companies who provide bulk order pricing on cleanroom garments would also be helpful.

Thanks Everyone,

Scotty Mackler IV

Pharma Design-Build Cleanroom Consulting Expert


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When determining the type of cleanroom garment application, I usually ask a set of questions to help determine whether or not the clean room garments that I should purchase should be disposable garments or reusable garments.

  • What kind of product is being manufactured in the cleanroom environment?
  • What processes are going on in the cleanroom environment?
  • Does the cleanroom operator wish to have a garment company manage the cleaning and restocking of cleanroom garments?
  • How many garments are required for successful operation of the cleanroom environment?

Here are some observations that we have found in our past experience in sourcing cleanroom garments for particular applications:

  • Disposable cleanroom apparel is often used in a cleanroom operation used for producing toxic or biohazardous products and/or hazardous chemicals.
  • If there is not an option of leveraging a garment cleaning and stocking service for the cleanroom, disposable cleanroom apparel is often used.
  • When the people flow of the cleanroom is limited to a small number of persons, disposable garments are often used.
  • Reusable cleanroom garments are preferred in most other applications

I have found some good options of cleanroom garment companies on Cleanroom Company Directory.


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Answered on May 9, 2019.
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