Guide to the Path of Exile: You need to choose a class

There are courses to choose from at the beginning of the Path of Exile game, and you can unlock POE Currency during the campaign.

You need to choose the course according to the role you want to play. Knowing one of the three game styles you want to be good at will help you choose a course.

In the path of exile, the predator has a higher power than other classes, which means that he causes more physical damage to the enemy and is more difficult to ***. Agility is about speed, accuracy and avoidance. Intelligence provides improved critical attacks and a larger energy shield-protecting the more vulnerable casters.

The passive skill tree provides rewards for your character. Every time you level up, you have the opportunity to choose a new skill node and grow the tree. The course you choose determines your starting point-after selecting a course, you cannot change the starting position.

However, you can completely change your path and enter the “Passive Skill Tree” field of another course. Templars can reach the hunter’s passive area and have their own skills, but it costs more for the temple to reach the hunter’s domain than the hunter.

The exception is Scion, which starts in the middle of the tree and can branch to any kind of tree fairly quickly.

Any class can buy Exalted Orb in the game. However, certain advanced courses will make certain types of functions more powerful.

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