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I won’t go into detail, however the food was great, the assorted rides and games were amazing, having a chance to speak with  RS gold people in a more laid back setting was epic, but though Mark might be only a tiny tiny bit competitive. I would love to go on at length about this afternoon, but when I did I’d probably wind up saying too much, so I shall stop here.

Mark Gerhard was able to have join usthen domestic needs came up and he needed to depart. Discussion ensued to determine exactly what we wanted to do for our last afternoon together. Did we want to go sightseeing? Maybe bowling or a movie? A bus tour of town? All excellent ideas. We went for the best idea though – we moved to Jagex and all got on computers and played with RuneScape together!

That evening we had to divide and proceed to hotels that were closer to the airports we’re leaving out of the next morning. Water_is_Nat and another wonderful participant joined us for supper. We then exchanged contact information and it was time for bed since we all had to get up early and grab planes back into our own life. I am likely to include exceptional thanks to a few Jagex staff members. This listing should actually be approximately 10 times more than that which it will be since everyone was amazing. So although only a few names are on here, I’ve got much love and admiration for everyone.

Mark Gerhard and Andrew Gower – Thank you a lot for inviting us over. The trip was amazing. You are both easy to speak to and made us feel quite welcome. Thanks again! Mod Hohbein – You helped us physically get from one place to another and looked out for us during our visit. You are fantastic! Mod Paul M – You jumped out on us to go on a test drive?!?! – Just kidding, you made sure we all got together and had fun on Saturday.Jagex Would like to Attract Old School RuneScape to consoles

I played  Rs3 gold  from 2002 to 2008. One of my very best childhood memories. I think I started in 2002 too. There were only 4 servers once I started with about 1200 players. . I was 12yrs old I believe. I was addicted. Subsequently made my first clan site and that is what made me super heavily into advanced web development till world of warcraft rolled about and that became my new habit per year after its launch. I only checked. RS has 136,000 players online. That’s pretty incredible.

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