Is the path of exile cross-saved?

Currently, you cannot cross-play or cross-save between platforms in Path of Exile. POE Currency will be different between PS4, Xbox One and PC, so the information for all saved files will be different.

Nothing will be lost! If you happen to use both at the same time, PC and Mac can cross-play and cross-save between the two.

According to chief designer Chris Wilson, this is a natural decision, because most of the avid “Road to Escape” players are staff and they may use PC and Mac at different times of the day (I know I will), play Path of Exile without restrictions.

Therefore, you can stream any content on your PC and Mac and save it to the cloud-basically just like playing it on other PCs. Make sure you log in to the same account and all characters, weapons, skills and loot will be inherited.

It is not yet certain whether this situation will change, but if this situation changes, we will release information. Since PCs and game consoles may bring unfair advantages in one or more ways, it is difficult to implement cross-competition, so it is worthwhile to stick to only one way at present.

Although it is difficult to implement cross-save, no matter which platform, players can get a lot of fun in the game, and completing the exile journey to upgrade quickly is what every player pursues. Of course, no matter which platform, players need enough POE currency to achieve a good game effect, then those players who do not have enough POE currency can make themselves stronger by POE Orbs on the website and complete the exile journey smoothly.

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