It Had Been Among The Nearest LS-Gate To Jita

Should they really push a strong separation between Null-sec play along with high-sec play EVE Mobile ISK — null-sec in which you have to be on a strong network link (do not enter an elevator or tunnel while in a vehicle!) And high-sec where you can do matters offline even (auto-pilot supports offline style ) — then perhaps it’ll all be ok.Right now, however, the bugs aren’t helping and the galactic layout might not be especially mobile friendly. They might need to cut some jumps and include different jumps to reorganize it for greater mobile play and hard core play.

Yeah, I’m 100% okay with”traveling through null sec is obviously dangerous”. It seems like high sec ought to be always safe, low sec is secure for automobile pilot but harmful differently, and null sec is harmful from all aspects. I am still having fun, I feel as if there is a good deal of fear mongering for items which may occur with the shift, but I have not really seen so far.

Agreed, gate guns have to pop any hostiles. No speed, range, or buffer tanking them. Belts and anoms continue to be fair games in reduced though.Agreed. Although perhaps it occurred enough and that’s why the devs posted to discord about it. Nevertheless, it was not so much that they posted on the login screen.I’m giving them some time but I am playing way less while I wait and see.

I got caught a few times warping through lowsec, not even null. You can tank the gate firearms right now in frigates with a friend, also lots of the guns are broken in the moment and do not even fire in certain systems.Having to watch my screen while I warp 20+ locations away whenever I want to do anything, it’s tough. So I haven’t played because the change.The issue is, this is a portable game. Sitting there and watching your display while you warp is not what it should be. The Cheap EVE Echoes ISK game has plenty of issues, and a lot of potential. The devs just must stop trying to earn a mobile game into EO.

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