Luka Doncic becomes one of the most anticipated NBA 2K21 rating players

Luka Doncic’s NBA 2K21 rating is one of the most anticipated ratings among players, and it is also one of the characters that players most want to unlock with NBA 2K21 MT. Luka’s 42 points on Monday was the most NBA playoff game ever. Can this phenomenon get higher ratings in NBA 2K21?

Luka Doncic entered NBA 2K20 with 87 points, followed by a terrible second season. The young Mavericks teamed up with another European superstar, Kristaps Porzingis, to win the sixth game of the Western Conference with a record 43-32. Luka won many awards throughout the year, eventually increasing his OVR to 96.

This is a big improvement, but Luca’s performance throughout the season proved it. Cool Hand Luka averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists in his second NBA season. In the November game, both of them won triple-doubles. LeBron and Luca became the oldest and youngest players in NBA history, respectively. They averaged at least 30 points, 10 rebounds and 15 points per game. Assists.

Doncic’s rating is basically nowhere to be lowered, only to be lowered, and we don’t expect this to happen soon. Hope Luka maintains 96 OVR in NBA 2K21. 2K Sports seems to reserve 97 for the elite (LeBron, Harden and Janis are the only 97 players in 2K20 to be evaluated), and Luca is unlikely to achieve this goal this year. Some fans already think that 96 is too high for second-year players, but Luka is indeed one of them.

Before he has set his ranking at 96, 2K will not lower Luka’s rating unless they comprehensively reform their rating system. Even after the break, he still returned to the elite level of the season in Orlando, including losing his career-high 19 assists in a game against the top seed Milwaukee Bucks. Most players want to play their extraordinary strength in NBA 2K21, so Buy NBA 2K21 MT is a very good choice.

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