Madden 21 Commercial: ‘Spokesplayer’ Is EA’s Best Spot Of The Year

If you recently watched the Madden 21 commercial that aired during Thursday Night Football and want to know who the “Speaker” is, his name is “King Keraun Harris”. He is an actor who has appeared on Insecure, Black- Ish and other shows follow his IMDB page. He is also part of the list. “Millennials” as well.

Harris stands out in Madden commercials because he is somewhat similar to Odell Beckham Jr., especially the clothes he wears in the video and his voice is similar. Both players can easily unlock them through Madden 21 Coins.

Once you realize that he is not an OBJ, and listen to his speech and the role EA created for him, you will realize that this is a very interesting entertainer, and it is a clever, powerful concept.

I can’t tell you the number of times I want to be the spokesperson for one of my favorite athletes, especially when I watch them have trouble in an interview, or when someone is attacked, and can use him because of strong opposition. Respond the way you might want.

For most of the entire release cycle, EA was eliminated like Deion Sanders, and almost everything they proposed was artificial. Harris’ position is undoubtedly aimed at the “new era” of fans, players and media, and it is not wrong for EA to use such bold actors to play roles.

However, Harris took this opportunity to *** it, in the hope that EA will keep in touch with Spokesplayer in order to provide more gold medals throughout the season and beyond. If you want to stand out and win in madden 21, Buy Madden 21 Coins is the wisest way.

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