Many gadgets in the new POE league will make players shine

Not only will many new unique items appear in the new POE league, players can also find many special weapons and enchanted armors. They can sell these weapons for POE Currency or keep them for their own use. The term enchantment was first introduced into POE from the Ascendency League. It will give special attributes to items without occupying modifier slots. These enchantments almost break the rules of the game so that if players find top-notch enchantments, they will notice that they may bring major drawbacks.

When players are carrying out a robbery, they may have more chances to pick up Trinkets. They can put these trinkets into new equipment slots, which means players can equip trinkets without damaging their current figure. Trinkets may have various effects on drops during the robbery, such as increasing the percentage of damaged drops, increasing the quality of rewards, or increasing the chance of finding special drops at work.

If it damages all these trinkets, then players can no longer make them and can only try to find them again by looting. In Grand Heists, high-quality gems will also be attractive rewards. As they gain quality and allow multiple construction possibilities, these attributes will vary.

It will release the new POE league on September 18. Those players who are still struggling in the Harvest League can shift their focus slightly to the release of the new league. When Harvest is about to end, many smart players will seize the last opportunity to use Harvest’s mechanism to accumulate POE Orbs and POE Items for themselves. Players with better economic conditions will go directly to Buy POE Orbs because they don’t want to spend time on busy agricultural activities.

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