NBA 2K21 gameplay details may leak

2K has not officially released the game information of NBA 2K21 on the current console, but it seems that the entire PS4 and Xbox One blogs have been online, and information about NBA 2K21 MT has also appeared on the Internet.

The super annoying Quick Draw badge has been removed. From an online and offline perspective, many players have encountered problems in the game. Online, players must strive to obtain this badge, just to make the game time acceptable.

For the same reason, the creator of the offline roster had to add this badge to most players. Therefore, you can now create a strong defender again. The interesting thing is whether the big guards have any shooting, speed and dribbling restrictions, and if so, how much they will hit those players.

Extended signature campaign concept. According to reports, this year’s game will provide iconic defensive moves for players such as Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The leaked blog mentions that 2K wants to walk away from simulation and fun, and part of this move tends to open up the possibility of stickball dribbling through the right choices. Please pay attention to whether this has been confirmed, and pay close attention to the latest information about other aspects of the game.

In the upcoming NBA 2K21, players can still Buy NBA 2K21 MT to get some special skills, which can help players complete some impossible challenges and win the game. You will find on Google that there are many websites that sell NBA 2K21 MT, because NBA 2K21 MT is playing an increasingly important role in the game, and it also adds extra fun to the game.

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