Path of Exile: The new patch saves our sight

Matthias Buckle at 12:00 pm on August 18, 2020-Since the “Path of Exile” update, players have been complaining about the unbearable blooming effect, making certain areas visually unplayable. Patch 3.11.1f finally solved this problem.

If you recently discovered the Delve mine on the path of exile, you will bring your glasses with you when using POE Currency . As developers create new bloom effects in the game, some of them provide absolutely dazzling effects. Sometimes, this may even affect the MTX decorations and portals in personal hideouts, and the community commotion is therefore very good. Patch 3.11.1f finally provides controls to control the halo effect.

So far, players have had to worry about the “doomsday flower”, especially in the cold area of ??Delve, as one user proved.

However, in the patch notes for patch 3.11.1f, there are some welcome changes: we can now apply Bloom after exposure, which will reduce the bloom intensity of the entire game, especially in dark areas. I have added a slider for Bloom to the graphics options, with which you can set the intensity of the Bloom effect to 25% to 130% of the basic value. Many areas have been adjusted so they are no longer as bright. I have reduced the bloom effect of the torch in the bronze mine.

According to the developers, less than 25% of Bloom is not workable-because certain skills require POE PS4 Currency to be fully visible. The result can be seen again (literally). The player “top2000” showed the 25% minimum bloom effect in “Path of Exile”

For those who want to directly compare with the ice cave in Delve, top2000 also released a screenshot of this corner of the game.

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