POE Heist is full of crises and also brings enormous benefits to players

If players want to commit glorious steals, they must plan carefully to ensure that nothing happens. Just like the player’s own prototype area, they can steal from it until the action is successful or failed. When planning a massive repulse, players can fight alone or as a team or sell prototypes in the market to earn POE Currency and other items of their choice.

A reliable team of thieves can help players successfully create Grand Heists. It is best for players to equip thieves with items that can improve the efficiency of their actions. These special items will drop during the robbery. Players who plan ordinary heists can only carry one thief with them, while players who plan Grand Heists can have up to three thieves. Each part of Grand Heists has its own alert level. Players’ blueprints can play a role. They can quickly escape from the scene of the crime after the operation ends, according to the instructions of the blueprint. The major part of the robbery is the planning stage. Unlike most POE league games, heist takes more skills to complete.

With the Heist update, players will receive a lot of new rewards. There are not only over 900 gem variants but also replicas, trinkets and enhanced heist. The replica is very interesting. Veteran players know that there is only one unique item in the game world. It bases the duplicate item on this knowledge as a duplicate of the only item. Like any copy, they do not always appear exactly as the original. This may be bad, or with many passive skill trees in POE, it is a good thing.

Although players will get a lot of rewards including POE Exalted Orb if they complete the Grand Heists smoothly, it is better for them to Buy POE Currency before they act because it is useful for their Grand Heists at first.

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