The development of POE’s next league is already in progress

POE game parent company GGG will hold a press conference to announce to players that they will release the next new league. The arrival of some new content makes those players who are tired of playing in the Harvest League curious. Players have all benefited from the mechanism of Harvest that does not discriminate against the player’s strength. Through hard work, they have obtained a lot of POE Currency and precious materials.

With so many useful POE items and currencies, players are confident to meet any challenges in the next league. We expect them to receive a game announcement from POE next week. Developer Grinding Gear Games has made several updates this year, including the Harvest Garden update and the massive rebalancing of 50 items in the game. And, luckily for fans, is the upcoming next league, and this announcement is earlier than some people may realize.

This new league is already the third league released by GGG this year. In four or five days, players will see some specific information about the next season and learn more about the expanded league mechanism. They estimate the release date of this unnamed extension to be September 18, but it released at 2 pm on September 1. Although the game team did not mention the announcement of POE 2, fans of the series still hope to get more information about this large-scale update.

Grinding Gear also plans to release a new support package along with the new 3.12 update and also keep the support package for the Harvest update. So players can choose which package to buy according to their needs. Those players who are not ready for anything have to hurry to POE Currency Buy. Stay tuned!

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