The latest expansion of Path of Exile brings Ocean’s 11 gameplays into isometric RPG

The next expansion of Path of Exile has been announced and is coming soon. Grinding Gear’s action RPG “heist” expansion will launch on PC on September 18, and then release its console on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 23.

In this expansion, players can hire thieves to help them steal artifacts and provide funds for your crew. This is also a good way to harvest POE Currency, which is to bring Ocean’s 11 gameplay into an isometric RPG.

The expansion adds the Heist Challenge Alliance and nine other skills and support gems, while improving curses, steel skills and spells. The so-called “big robbers” enable players to obtain special weapons and body armor enchantments, accessories, new gems and other items.

A new area called “Rogue Port” has been added to the Path of Exile, where you and your despicable thief will plan and prepare for a robbery. You can sign up to 13 different rogue characters, so it’s actually more like Ocean’s 13 characters than Ocean’s 11 characters. The crew can perform tasks such as transportation, unlocking and dismantling, which is crucial when you are trying to steal something. .

As with any good robbery, planning is crucial. To do this, you can complete contracts, which give you clues about the artifacts you want to steal and how to protect them.

Grinding Gear said: “If you can’t escape the robbery, everything you stole when you infiltrate the facility will be lost. You need to provide support when the thieves bypass the security to reach the vault.” Please be careful. Otherwise, an alarm may be triggered and the facility may be locked. When this happens, it’s time to run. “All your thieves have led to the Grand Heist. For this most difficult robbery, you need to obtain various blueprints that show the location of the hidden artifact library.

Grinding Gear said: “These tedious tasks require smart planning, POE Chaos Orb or other information about the facility, and hiring multiple Rogues to help them solve many obstacles. Because each vault has its own exclusive reward, so This kind of plan can bring huge returns.”

This expansion also marks the launch of macOS’s Path of Exile. Players who have accounts on Windows PCs can now play on Macs and retain their progress and microtransaction items.

In addition to “Path of Exile: Heist”, the developers of Grinding Gear are also working on the sequel “Path of Exile 2,” which sounds like a huge upgrade to the first game.

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