The upcoming release of the next league injects new vitality into POE and attracts more people to join

Today the POE development team will release expanded information for the next new league. POE will also be available in the Epic Games Store. In the previous time, players have fully enjoyed enough in the current Harvest League, and they look forward to enjoying the new league as soon as possible. Thanks to the Harvest mechanism, they have also stored a lot of POE Currency and POE Items for the arrival of the new league.

For GGG, there is a lot of work waiting for them to complete one by one in September. The first is to release relevant information about POE 3.12 today, and then to do some adaptation work for the Mac version of POE, and then they have to make adequate preparations for the 10th anniversary celebration of POE, and then they have to release The new league after the Harvest League.

The game team also hopes that more people who love RPG games can join POE to enjoy the mysterious dark fun. They provide players with a variety of platform options. Whether it is a PC or Xbox or PS4 or a Mac that is about to be successfully adapted, players on these platforms can download POE for free in the app store of their platform to start the game. If players who have just entered the game feel that POE is very good after experiencing it for a period, the official team also recommends that players bring their friends into the dark world of POE.

People who want to play POE can download it on Steam or download it from the official website, which is free. Players who want to live wonderfully in the dark world of POE must rely on the help of POE Items. So it urges players to Buy POE Orbs for many new contents is about to appear.

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