Torag’S Plate -Or- Guthan’S Plate

It is interesting to hear that they would like to create another RuneScape gold, so I guess they’ve not completely given up afterward. How I saw it, RuneScape 2 was great for me, because it was something you could play on any PC, you could easily multi-task, also it had a simple yet complex scope to it. The whole no-trade and no-PVP concentrate on account of 2007, furthered by the alterations to the real mechanics in Evolution of Combat, only transformed RuneScape into something that never appeals to me. It’s a watered down MMORPG that is trying to be something it cannot be.

Truth is, even if the game was like it had been before the Grand Exchange and that, I would have played RuneScape off and on while watching TV shows and stuff like that. As it was, they killed what I liked in favour of improving the match, and it was not for me . The irony is, if I moved back into OSRS, I would likely enjoy it. My difficulty is I would need to start all over again, and to get a participant with a character that was mostly active throughout the OSRS days, it’s frustrating that I could not move my account into OSRS (as far as I know).

I had the same fear but the moment I began Skilling a bit I got hooked again. I left the afternoon of RS3 launch and that I have never logged into rs3. I have a Max battle account using some different 99s in it so I feel that the hassle of having to do things over again in 07 but at the same time it’s almost nostalgic to train and that I still get that Rush getting levels back again. Restarting really sucks but once I started playing I could not stop. The mobile release has really helped. I can play Anywhere which makes it very simple. It’s wonderful to be able to ability while on lunch break.

Interested to know if anyone’s in the beta and your thoughts on whether you will use it and if you believe it’ll be a success. Additionally, do you believe Jagex are prepared for the world of mobile which will be as susceptible to cheating as the normal Rs gold 2107 game? I can only assume they’re working to make sure people can not cheat but I can’t observe all their preventative steps functioning. I’m personally excited about playing on the go. I believe I could manage the game in that capacity, whereas sitting down and enjoying it just is not my thing. Especially when there are so many other games to play.

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