What Cleanroom Window should I Use?

I’ve been looking into a number of standard window units that integrate seamlessly with a modular wall and ceiling system. Looking to maximize the window viewing into the cleanroom without disrupting airflow. Posting this question to see if there are any cleanroom design experts who might have some insights on the various types of windows that can be used for class 100 applications (microelectronics manufacturing). Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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Beveled Windows are designed specifically for cleanroom applications, the absence of a ledge on this window makes cleaning easier as the design eliminates corners that often collect dust, particles and other microorganisms. It is a cost effective alternative to double flush window systems.

Flush Windows are mounted into the wall system to provide a completely flush surface. To minimize any air flow disruption, windows can also be integrated into return air walls.

Double Flush Window Designed for interior wall applications that require flush surfaces on both sides, the double flush window system provides an attractive appearance and two completely flush surfaces.

Standard CleanLine Window These economical windows include fixed windows that measure either 4’ or 2’ wide by 3’ high. All standard windows feature 1/4” clear tempered safety glass, but we also offer laminated glass for added sound control, insulated glass and break resistant polycarbonate windows.



Answered on December 28, 2020.
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