What NBA 2K21 MyTeam cards can be found in Playoff Stoppers?

An individual Will Rise Playoff Stoppers feature defensive stars from the basketball court, together with the vast majority of them former players. There are five brand new NBA 2K21 MT MyTeam cards available inside of Playoff Stoppers packs.

The top-rated card is a Diamond Ben Wallace comprising a 93 overall rating. The former Pistons star gets 94 Rebounding, 87 Defense, and 82 Athleticism to give MyTeam rosters a good option for the middle position.

The next-best cards are Amethysts for PG/SG Dennis Johnson and SG/SF Doug Christie. Christie brings 83 Outside Scoring, 80 Playmaking, 80 Defense, and 79 Athleticism.

Rounding out the five new cards are Ruby Bill Walton (89 OVR) and Tony Allen (88 OVR). Walton has 82 Interior Scoring to go with 89 Rebounding while Allen has 85 Defense and 83 Athleticism.

Check out each of the card attributes via the MTDB database here.

As it is early, there’s yet to be some Pink Diamond or Galaxy Opal releases interior of 2K21 packs, but they’ll be on the way later on. We’ve previously seen Diamond items published for Hakeem Olajuwon and Larry Bird through Season Tip-Off packs.

However, there are rewards out there including the 96 OVR Steph Curry for attaining Level 40, and a 96 OVR Paul Pierce at MyTeam Limited.

An Individual Will Rise features four packs, collection reward The newest Playoff Stoppers packs opt for 7,500 Virtual Currency (VC) or 10,500 MT for a single package of five NBA 2K21 MyTeam cards. Gamers can buy a 10-pack box for 67,500 VC or even a 20-pack box for 135,000 VC for more opportunities at obtaining all of the cards. In addition, there is the MyTeam Auction House to bidding on and buy the individual cards.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Twitter also introduced a brand new Locker Code to enter for a chance at obtaining a Playoff Stoppers pack among other benefits.

2K indicated that the One Will Boost Playoff Stoppers packs indicate the first of five launch for your One May Rise season. Each Tuesday they will bring a new themed pack to the market with more cards to get. Gamers that can collect all of the cards from each release can exchange for a Pink Diamond Julius”Dr. J” Erving card for their own squad.

Playoff Stoppers are available at MyTeam Pack Market with below a week staying to purchase them. There’s also the Season Tip-Off East or West packs combined with regular League packs available, as of the report.

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